About Rev. Dr. Velda Love

Rev. Dr. Velda Love
currently serves the United Church of Christ National Setting as the Lead for Join the Movement Toward Racial Justice campaign, and Minister for Racial Justice in Cleveland, OH. Velda invites clergy and laypersons to engage in a life-long journey toward dismantling colonialism and the myth of white skin superiority in the Christian Church and society.  develops and leads anti-racism trainings, workshops, and culture-centered historical and contemporary education. A historical and contemporary racial justice analysis, and multiethnic and cultural education equips people to be on a restorative racial justice journey, and work toward eradicating the intersections of structural, systemic, and individual racism impacting communities of color nationally and globally.


Rev. Dr. Love developed Sacred Conversations to End Racism (SC2ER), a restorative racial justice journey and study guide. The journey begins with a historical analysis predating settler colonialism in the Americas. The study corrects myths that claim Europeans, and their descendants represent a dominant culture. The myth and creation of race categories implies that Europeans are superior to non-European peoples. The birth of the nation also birthed racism against people of African, Native, Asian, Latinx and other people groups of non-European descent. Sacred Conversations to End Racism is a corrective.

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