Continuing the legacy of the New Revised Standard Version, the NRSVue aims to faithfully serve the church in personal spiritual formation, in the liturgy, and in the academy. With revisions based on new textual evidence, historical insights, and linguistic precision, this updated edition delivers a translation of Scripture based on meticulous care for accuracy and readability.

NRSV Updated Edition

With the most diverse team of contributors of any translation, the NRSVue comes as a fresh wind at a critical time for the Church and the global community. I celebrate the integrity demonstrated throughout the entire process to produce a version of our sacred scripture that continues to speak prophetically and pastorally to believers and seekers, while advancing its value to academicians. We rejoice in the fact that the NRSVue is an incredible work by scholars, an authentic act of worship through community, and a gracious gift of the Spirit.

-The Right Reverend W. Darin Moore

By adopting a more inclusive language, the NRSV-Update version offers an egalitarian representation of humanity while accurately rendering the biblical text into today’s idiomatic English. This well-choreographed and carefully performed tandem between the world-in-the text and the modern reader’s world makes this version a worthwhile read.

-Rev. Dr. Eugen J. Pentiuc

Enlightening. Spiritual. Scholarly. The updated biblical language of the NRSVue provides contemporary clarity and hermeneutical accuracy. This update is critical to the scriptural analysis of undergraduates, seminarians, and graduate students in the general disciplines of religious studies. Furthermore, this translation proves pivotal to the spiritual formation of theologically conscious laypersons in Christian congregations.

-Rev. Jermaine J. Marshall, Ph.D.