The NRSV has become the go-to translation for my circle of academic colleagues, pastors, and laity. Once the update is published, I will encourage everyone I know and associate with to purchase and use the NRSV Updated Edition.

- LeAnn Snow Flesher, PhD American Baptist ordained, VP of Academics & Dean of the Faculty, and Professor of Biblical Interpretation

…I firmly believe that a translation informed by the textual witnesses and modern sensitivities furthers the Christian life and the ministry of the gospel. I regard the NRSV Updated Edition, as standing squarely, but not stiffly, in this theological stance, for it cannot do otherwise.

- Jin H. Han, PhD Professor of Biblical Studies, and Editor-in-Chief of The Living Pulpit

This important and timely update to the NRSV is an invaluable tool for the classroom. I look forward to using this resource to introduce students to the complexities of translation, the mysteries of manuscripts, and the influence of even a single iota.

- Anna M. V. Bowden, PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Albion College

I am delighted to see the arrival of this 30th anniversary NRSV Updated Edition Bible, a work remarkable both for retaining the impressive scholarship of past translations and for offering important and necessary changes for our 21st-century context. This truly is a Bible for our time, for our mission and ministry.

- The Rev. Canon C. R. Robertson

Digging into God's word with the NRSV Updated Edition will keep you close to the truth of the Scriptures, and help you find new ways of understanding your own faith as you live it out in the world. Reading and studying the NRSV Updated Edition is also the best way to combine your love of humanity with the best scholarship on the Bible for sharing your faith in community.

- Robert Wilson Black, PhD

By adopting a more inclusive language, the NRSV-Update version offers an egalitarian representation of humanity while accurately rendering the biblical text into today’s idiomatic English. This well-choreographed and carefully performed tandem between the world-in-the text and the modern reader’s world makes this version a worthwhile read.

- Rev. Dr. Eugen J. PentiucArchbishop Demetrios Professor of Biblical Studies and Christian Origins, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Brookline, MA