The New Revised Standard Version Updated Edition

The NRSV Updated Edition (NRSVue) is informed by the results of discovery and study of hundreds of ancient manuscripts, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, in the more than thirty years since the first publication of the NRSV.

With new textual evidence, historical insights, and philological understandings, the NRSVue brings greater precision in interpreting Scripture today.

With modern scholarship applied to ancient texts, the NRSVue is designed to help readers explore the meanings of ancient texts in light of the cultures that produced them with unprecedented readability, accessibility, and inclusivity.

We are pleased to present what we can in full confidence call the world’s most meticulously researched, rigorously reviewed, and faithfully accurate English-language Bible translation.

Bible Translation and Utilization Committee

The Bible Translation and Utilization Committee (BTU) operates under the direction of the Friendship Press Board of Directors to provide guidance and counsel on matters of content, communication, and direction related to the Bible publishing activities of the NCC.

Rev. Dr. Hugh R. Page Jr., Chair

Professor, University of Notre Dame

M. Kathryn Armistead

Publisher, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, The United Methodist Church

Julie Mullins

Acquisitions Editor,
Westminster John Knox Press

Rev. Eugen J. Pentiuc

Archbishop Demetrios, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

Dr. Shively T. J. Smith

Assistant Professor of New Testament, Boston University School of Theology

Dr. Yung Suk Kim

Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, Virginia Union University

Hebrew Bible / Old Testament Editors and Reviewers

General Editors

Ronald Hendel - University of California, Berkeley

Eugene Ulrich - University of Notre Dame

Sidnie White Crawford - University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Robert S. Kawashima - University of Florida

Book Reviewers

Genesis - Ronald Hendel, University of California, Berkeley

Exodus - Brent A. Strawn, Duke University

Leviticus - Sarianna Metso, University of Toronto

Numbers - Nathan Jastram, Concordia University Wisconsin

Deuteronomy - Sidnie White Crawford, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Joshua - Thomas Dozeman, United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio

Judges - Richard D. Nelson, Perkins School of Theology, SMU

Ruth - Sarah Yardney, McCormick Theological Seminary

1-2 Samuel - Jason K. Driesbach, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1-2 Kings - Editorial Committee

1-2 Chronicles - Louis C. Jonker, Stellenbosch University

Ezra and Nehemiah - Deirdre Fulton, Baylor University

Esther - Sarah Yardney, McCormick Theological Seminary

Job and Proverbs - Michael Fox, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Psalms - John Screnock, University of Oxford

Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon - Sarah Yardney, McCormick Theological Seminary

Isaiah - Ronald Troxel, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Jeremiah - Richard D. Weis, Lexington Theological Seminary

Lamentations - Sarah Yardney, McCormick Theological Seminary

Ezekiel - Stephen L. Cook, Virginia Theological Seminary

Daniel - Eugene Ulrich, University of Notre Dame

Minor Prophets - Russell E. Fuller, University of San Diego

Deuterocanon / Apocrypha Editors and Reviewers

General Editor

Judith Newman - Emmanuel College, University of Toronto

Book Reviewers

1 Esdras - Michael F. Bird, Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia
2 Esdras - Matthias Henze, Rice University
Tobit - Stuart Weeks, Durham University

Judith - Lawrence Wills, Brown University

Additions to Esther - Cameron Boyd-Taylor, Trinity Western University

Wisdom of Solomon - David Lincicum, University of Notre Dame

Sirach - Benjamin G. Wright III, Lehigh University

Baruch and Letter of Jeremiah - J. Edward Wright, University of Arizona

Additions to Daniel - Ryan Stokes, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

1 Maccabees - Michael Tuval, Hebrew University

2 Maccabees - Robert Doran, Amherst College

Prayer of Manasseh and Psalm 151 - Rodney A. Werline, Barton College

3 Maccabees - Sara Raup Johnson, University of Connecticut

4 Maccabees - David deSilva, Ashland Theological Seminary

New Testament Editors and Reviewers

General Editors

Michael W. Holmes, Bethel University

Jennifer Wright Knust, Duke University

Book Reviewers

Matthew - Mark Goodacre, Duke University

Mark - Adela Yarbro Collins, Yale Divinity School

Luke - David Moessner, Texas Christian University

John - Giovanni Battista Bazzana, Harvard Divinity School

Acts - Eric Barreto, Princeton Theological Seminary

Romans - Robert Matthew Calhoun, Texas Christian University (Fort Worth)

1 Corinthians - Laura Nasrallah, Yale Divinity School

2 Corinthians - Margaret M. Mitchell, Divinity School, The University of Chicago

2 Corinthians - Paul B. Duff, George Washington University

Galatians - Caroline Johnson Hodge, College of the Holy Cross

Ephesians - J. Albert Harrill, Ohio State University

Philippians - Paul A Holloway, University of the South

Colossians and Philemon - Mitzi J. Smith, Ashland Theological Seminary

1-2 Thessalonians - Richard S Ascough, Queens University, Kingston, Canada

1-2 Timothy and Titus - Susan E. Hylen, Candler School of Theology

Hebrews - David deSilva, Ashland Theological Seminary

James - Margaret Aymer, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

1 Peter - Jennifer Glancy, Le Moyne College

2 Peter and Jude - Gene L. Green - Wheaton College and Graduate School

1-3 John - Shively T. J. Smith, Boston University School of Theology

Revelation - Juan Hernández, Jr., Bethel University

Review and Update Coordinating Staff

Bob Buller - Director, SBL Press

Nicole L. Tilford - Production Manager, SBL Press

John F. Kutsko - Former Executive Director, Society of Biblical Literature

George A. Kiraz - Institute for Advanced Study

Abraham Smith - Perkins School of Theology, SMU

Section Review Leaders (on behalf of the NCC)

John Ahn - Howard University School of Divinity

Anna M. V. Bowden - Nazareth College

Amanda Brobst-Renaud - Valparaiso University

LeAnn Snow Flesher - Berkeley School of Theology, GTU

Jin H. Han - New York Theological Seminary

Kristin Helms - Roberts Wesleyan College

Hugh R. Page Jr. - University of Notre Dame

C. K. Robertson - The Episcopal Church / General Theological Seminary

Gilberto A. Ruiz - Saint Anselm College

Philip H. Towner - Nida Institute for Biblical Scholarship

Brent A. Strawn - Duke University